CCC Communiqué

I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness;
I will sing the praises of the name of the Lord Most High.

PsalmsDavid sang this last verse of the 7th Psalm unto the Lord while being pursued by his enemies. Surrounded by what seemed to be an impossible situation, he asked the Lord for deliverance and justice.  After praising God for His character and His action, he finishes this chapter with Thanksgiving.

After what seemed to be the most chaotic and disturbing Presidential election I have ever seen in my lifetime (and arguably the history of the nation), we find ourselves on the other side of the infamous eve of confounding bustle.  Some within our family are sad, some are delighted, and some are downright bewildered.

A_Nation_DividedWhatever our current status may be in response to the whirling current of our nation, David’s words should be our own:  Let us give thanks.  Our God is righteous, and He reigns on His Throne.  His character is impeccable; His truths are timeless.   Regardless of the storm surrounding us, we have much to celebrate.  Let us come together, in this month of Thanksgiving, and gratefully praise Him for all He has done in our lives.


While November is a month which is full of national activity, this year it is one which finds CCC, also, in the middle of much animation.

THIS SUNDAY-11.13 (Eventful Day!) Notes
9:30 Worship Service Message by Pastor Rick
11:00 C.B. (Community Building) (Adults, Kids Bible Studies)
3:00 BURNNIE Carnival Chili Cook-off, Silent Auction, Games, Cinnamon Roll Bake-off
5:30 Compass Concert Live
6:00 Premiere Burnnie “Branches” Episode 47
Tuesday, 11.15 Ladies Night Out 6:00 Speaker: Ester Eshbaugh
Wed, 11.16 Middle School Group 7-8:00
Thursday, 11.17 Prayer Warriors 6:30
NEXT Sunday, 11.20 (Another Eventful Sunday!)
9:30 Worship Service Message by Pastor Neil
11:00 C.B. Sabrina’s Ethiopian Trip (Adults, Kids Bible Studies)
12:00 THANKSGIVING MEAL Congregation to bring dessert
1:30 Q&A Skype with Pastor Tom ALL may attend
After Q&A Congregational Discussion ALL may participate
After Discussion CCC Partners Vote Results immediately after

Special Church Meeting

November 20th @ 1:30PM

Pastor Tom Byford has been affirmed by the elders and search team and he and his family have accepted the call to Christ Community.  The final steps in this process are a Q&A which will be completed at the meeting (all attendees are welcome) followed by a vote by Church Partners to affirm Tom as our new lead pastor.

God Answers Prayers, whether big or small.

Last week, Gerdie Godoy was distressed with having to produce the money to repair her washing machine. After prayer, she called the repair shop, and instead of charging $150 for the repair, the serviceman walked Gerdie’s brother through the process of fixing it over the phone!  Praise God for His faithfulness in the big and the little things!

Prayer Corner:

  • Praise God that He is still on His Throne, even after such a tumultuous election season!
  • Praise Him for having the candidate, Tom, in the final stages of being the Lead Pastor.
  • Thank Him for all the blessings He showers upon us.
  • Pray God gives the entire family of CCC wisdom in the final decision whether to call Tom Byford to be the Lead Pastor.
  • Pray that Sunday’s Carnival for BURNNIE T. BUNNY is a success, and that their funding to keep the ministry on TV for another year is accomplished.
  • Pray for God’s hand in healing this land and turning us back to Him.
  • Pray for a great mission exploratory trip for the Murrays.

Operation Christmas Child is still underway, but is wrapping up.  Please get your boxes filled as soon as possible and bring them to the OCC table in the foyer.