“He saved others; yet Himself He cannot save. If He is the King of Israel, let Him now come down from the cross, and we will believe in Him.”

I cannot help but think that Jesus heard every word they said. The betrayal, sarcasm, mocking, cruelty, and compassionless sea of faces upon whom He gazed from His erected position of scorn must have violently agitated His human nature…did He desire to strike down all His mockers? Was He tempted to come down off the cross and wipe the insolence of ridicule from their faces?

For most of my life, I have imagined the incredible restraint Jesus practiced upon that cross. It truly wasn’t the nails which kept Him affixed to that emblem of suffering and shame. It was His love…for you and me.

We are entering the Easter Season, where we contemplate what Jesus suffered through and yet triumphantly accomplished on that cross. Even after 2000 years of much study and meditation, the conclusion at which we arrive is no less startling than it was the first time we heard the story: The Father’s love for us forced Him to keep His Son upon the tree of crucifixion, even unto death.

We will begin this Sunday (the 26th) by looking very closely at the the Cross, and all it’s profound meaning, where man’s failure and God’s victory intersect in a most-spectacular and glorious fashion.

Pastor Neil

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, eyeglasses, tree, outdoor and closeupRecent News:

Praise the Lord! After a weekend of fellowship and a unanimous vote from CCC Partners, Jeff Turner has accepted the call to be Lead Pastor of Christ Community Church, beginning in June. His wife, Angela, and two children, Abby and Ben are looking forward to joining our family.

Upcoming Events:

Tomorrow 3.25 10:00 Burnnie Filming @Abiding Savior
Sun 3.26 9:30 Theme: The Cross Communion
Fri 4.7 12-12 Prayer Vigil
Fri 4.7 6:30 F4 Fella’s Fellowship
Sun 4.9 9:30 Vocality Concert
Thurs 4.13 6:30 Praise and Prayer
Fri 4.14 6:30 Passion of the Christ Movie
Sun 4.16 9:30 Resurrection Sunday
Thurs 4.20 7:30 Bible Study: Israeliology Approx. 6wk study
Fri 4.21 6:00 Secret Church 6-midnight