Our Story

Our Story

“Connecting the riches of Christ with the realities of life”
The history of Christ Community Church

Prayer formed the foundation for Christ Community Church.  As people prayed, God brought together a group of believers to form the new work.

Christ Community Church began to meet as a small group Bible study, led by Pastor Rod Anderson and his wife Donna, in the Fall of 2006.  Regular fellowships helped to cement the people together.

Two practice services were held on November 19 and December 17, 2006 respectively as a new church group was forged.  Targeting the western side of Sioux Falls, the group gathered in the Discovery Elementary school for its worship services.

In January of 2007, CCC began to hold regular preview services as it prepared for its launch into the community on April 1, Palm Sunday, of 2007.  The early worship gatherings served as a time for the group to unite behind the common cause of reaching the Sioux Falls Community for Christ.

Worship music was led by Pastor Paul Rowenhorst and his wife Melissa.  A host of methods were employed to saturate the area for Christ.

In September 2008, after continued steady growth, the Leadership Board hired Neil Peterson to be staff Associate Pastor of Worship Music.  Neil brought a wealth of musical experience.

He immediately went to work building the small worship team into a larger band.  His musical focus was on current Christian popular music and contemporary worship with a mix of classic Hymns presented in an updated style.

As Christ Community Church continued to grow in numbers, it was decided that the time had come to seek a church building.  In April of 2009, the church moved into their current facility on Carolyn Avenue just north of 41st.

By April of 2013, Weekly attendance had grown to average around 150.  It was then that Pastor Rod and Donna felt God call them away to be closer to their children and grandchildren in Omaha, Nebraska.  With God’s guidance and speed, Pastor Rod was hired as Senior Pastor at a church near their family.  For Christ Community Church, this meant the end of a chapter and the beginning of a search for a new Pastor.

Over the summer of 2013, as a Search Team worked through over 100 resumes, Christ Community Church was blessed by the service of Interim Pastor David Glader.  Pastor Glader came alongside a skilled and experienced Leadership Board, led by Chairman Ron Ortman, and a number of dedicated volunteers to make this time of transition a smooth one.  Pastor Glader quickly went to work reaching out to church members, regular attenders, and past attenders on a one-on-one basis.

By the end of July 2013 the Search Team had selected a Pastoral Candidate.  He and his wife were introduced to the congregation on the first weekend in August, including a sermon on Sunday August 4th.  After the Sunday sermon, the church Partners (members) all gathered to vote on whether or not to accept the Pastor Candidate.  Under a 100% unanimous vote, Pastor Troy Weiland and his wife Rachael were approved to lead Christ Community Church.

Pastor Troy Weiland was installed as Lead Pastor on September 15th, 2013.

The real story of Christ Community Church doesn’t reside in the chronology of how it formed, however.  The real story is the people.  You see, where we meet is just a building.  The music we play is just one of many ways to worship God.  The teaching from the Bible is a way to learn and gain a deeper understanding together.  The Church… the Church is the people.  Christ Community Church is a group of people that know Christ is the sole purpose of why we can all come together, regardless of age, culture, color or calling.  On any given Sunday morning you may find people from every ethnic, cultural, and economic background.  We are a family, a church committed to living out, and growing in our love for God, each other, and whoever he leads us to.  May God lead you today, to where you will belong in HIM.

So, if you’re looking for a place to belong, a place to learn about Jesus, to grow in your personal Faith, a place where you won’t be looked down on, then we invite you to try Christ Community Church.  We would be honored to have you with us as we go forward into the future!  Come have a cup of coffee and get to know us!  We’ll save a seat for you!


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